Octoflex QuickKalk

Octoflex QuickKalk is a small and useful software for the quick calculation of CNC cut parts.
In spite of the simple and intuitive operation, he gets a sufficiently accurate parts price. In addition, the user benefits from the great time savings when calculating with Octoflex QuickKalk.
Octoflex QuickKalk


Octoflex QuickKalk only takes into account the entered programming and set-up times proportionately to the quantity of parts. The user can choose between stored profiles in which different markup values and hourly rates are entered.

After the selection of the raw material and the machine has been made, the cutting part can be calculated in two different ways:

1) Descriptive calculation

With the description of the part the total contour length is calculated. Using the stored cutting parameters of the respective machine, both cutting time and material consumption are then calculated.

2) Calculation using an existing CAD file

By importing CAD data Octoflex QuickKalk recognises the cutting contour and derives from this the material consumption and cutting time. Errors in the drawing, e.g. not closed contours are displayed to the user. The circumscribing rectangle of the component is calculated as material consumption.

Additional work processes

Operations required to complete the component, such as deburring, edging and drilling can also be recorded in Octoflex QuickKalk and added to the calculation.

Refinement of the calculation

With the two Octoflex Special-Q controllers, the user can additionally select the free nesting area of the circumscribing rectangle of the component and further adjust the nesting probability to this free area. This reduces the calculated waste.

Alternatively, the user can choose from the standard panel sizes. By entering the parts per sheet, the material price is calculated according to the share for the single part price.

Result of the calculation

In addition to the display of the parts price, the calculation can be saved and printed.


Before Octoflex QuickKalk can be used for calculation, the user has to configure the cutting machines and the individual and material-dependent cutting parameters once. In addition, the material prices needed to calculate the part price must be stored.

Furthermore, any number of profiles can be maintained with parameters for markups and offcuts.


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