Purchasing module

Octoflex ERP

Purchasing module

The procurement process is realised in Octoflex ERP via the purchasing module. In this module the following modules are available to the user
  • Suppliers: Overview and administration of address master data of suppliers
  • Article: Overview and administration of article master data of articles
  • Purchasing documents: Overviews and access to enquiries and orders
  • Disposition: Article requirement list with source of demand


Module blocks

  • The entire address datasets are stored in one database in the Octoflex. By assigning the roles supplier and/or customer, the addresses can be used as required.

    The operation and structure of the address database in the purchasing module is identical to the module block customers in the sales module.

    When assigning the address as a supplier to a role, the user can maintain the supplier-specific entries under this index card.

    • Supplier group
    • Supplier number
    • Customer number at the supplier
    • Individual delivery, shipping and payment conditions
    • A block of the entire data record or a separate order and/or payment block
  • The overview of the articles in the purchasing module is the same as in the sales module. However, the Purchasing module gives the user the choice to mark items as purchase items. Specific information can then be entered under a tab for procurement.

    • Supplier selection
    • Supplier article number
    • Deviating suppliers Designation and additional text
    • Single prices, discounts, graduated prices and additional costs
    • Minimum order quantity
    • Price and quantity units

    In the document storage of the article, stored files can be linked to processes, such as enquiry and/or order. This means that these documents can be sent as attachments when the documents are sent.

  • Belege

    In the document overview in purchasing, the user can filter according to two different document types, the status, the business partner and the delivery date. In addition, it is possible to limit the selection to the membership of a project. The following document types are available in purchasing:

    • Inquiry
    • Order

    In addition to the usual possibilities, Octoflex offers further functions in the document entry of the purchasing department:

    • In addition to the document overview, a document preview with the items contained in the
    • document can be displayed if required
    • Delivery text, an individual text that overwrites the delivery date, if it exists This allows the
    • clerk to communicate flexibly.
    • Free positions, especially in the case of enquiries or orders with one-off purchase items, the
    • creation of articles in the article master can be dispensed with.
    • Keyboard operation, document entry can be carried out via keyboard input if desired.
    • Inquiries can be assigned to different suppliers. The documents are created in a personalised manner, with any stored and deviating supplier article descriptions and numbers.
  • In the module block disposition the user gets an overview of the articles with a concrete demand. Filter options can be used to restrict the list to merchandise groups, article type, requirement, due date, orders and the customers who generate the requirement.

    The requirement can arise from a dispatched production order or from stored warehouse stocks. The sources of demand are displayed to the operator individually and transparently. A purchase request or order can be generated via the disposition. The current and consolidated total requirements from orders and stock quantities are taken into account.

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