Production module & combi list

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Production module & combi list

The heart of the Octoflex production module is the CombiList. The CombiList is the combination of calculation, bill of material and work plan.

With the creation of CombiList, several process steps can be easily, quickly and practically processed simultaneously in one step. When the user describes the component with CombiList, the following are created

  • The calculation of components and assemblies,
  • The work preparation and
  • The times for calculating the production capacity utilisation rate

The user can add the following elements to the CombiList, depending on the configuration of his Octoflex version:

  • Master article, e.g. raw material, purchased parts other production articles
  • Operations, manual processing/production steps
  • CNC cutting parts*, directly from the CombiList, the user can describe cutting parts, calculate
  • Them via a CAD file or a cutting part configurator and add them as components
  • External production, any external processing, such as coating, hardening etc.
  • Cutting list, recording of several profile cuts with lengths, mitres, angles
  • Free positions, e.g. for purchased parts that have not yet been created in the article master.

* Octoflex sheet module required

Production module & combi list

Elements of the CombiList

Master article

The individual parts and raw materials required for the production of the article can be added to the CombiList as master articles with the required quantity. Various calculation prices are available to the user for the calculation: Purchase price, sales price and stock valuation price. If desired, stored scale prices of the master articles, related to the respective production quantity, are taken into account.

In addition, the clerk can view the current availability of the master article at any time in the CombiList and can also access the master data with a single click.

Work process

The work processes required to produce the article can be added to the CombiList in the order in which they are processed. For the calculation, set-up times and processing times per work step can be maintained, which, together with the hourly rates, result in the result for the price calculation. If a fixed sequence of steps is required, the work processes can be interlinked.

Information that is relevant for later production can also be recorded for the work process. These appears to the employee in production on the working papers or in the production APP.

Guide value tables

In many cases, experience is required to determine the times for the calculation.

For the calculation of work processes with stored guideline value tables, parameters from the drawing are sufficient and the set-up times and processing times are determined and automatically transferred to the calculation.

CNC cutting parts

With the extension included in the sheet metal module, CNC cut parts can be calculated directly in the CombiList. Raw material and machine are selected for the price calculation. Afterwards the cutting part can be calculated using three different variants:
Descriptive calculation
With the description of the part the total contour length is calculated. Using the stored cutting parameters of the respective machine, both cutting time and material consumption are then calculated. The calculation result is available quickly and easily in this way and is sufficiently accurate in most cases.
Calculation via the Octoflex Parts Configurator
Octoflex provides a selection of common contours for which the operator can record the parameters. The CAD drawing is automatically generated based on the parameters and assigned to the CombiList position as a plant. Cutting time and material consumption are calculated for the calculation. This way, the price calculation is very accurate and saves the creation of a CAD drawing.
Calculation using an existing CAD file
By importing CAD data, Octoflex recognises the cutting contour and derives the material consumption and cutting time from this. Errors in the drawing, e.g. not closed contours are displayed to the user. The imported CAD file is assigned to the CombiList position as attachment.

External production

If external processing is required during the production of the component, this is entered into the CombiList as external production and calculated. In doing so, scale prices for services, based on the respective lot size, are taken into account as required.

After production release, the external production item is available to purchasing and logistics for further processing.

Cutting list

A list of required profile cuts with fermentation symbols and angle specifications is provided in the cut list. The entire material requirement and the waste is automatically added and combined with the expenditure for set-up time and processing for the price calculation.

After the start of production, a clear list of blanks is generated for processing on the saw.

Freie Positionen

The free position is available for flexible use of the CombiList. For CombiList items for which no master data is available in the system, the free position helps. A description and the price are sufficient for the overall price calculation.

Further functions of the CombiList

When editing the CombiList, the operator can save it as a template and use it for further or similar article CombiLists.
Lead times
The processing time of the CombiList item is automatically calculated via the batch size, set-up time and processing time. In addition to the automatic calculation, different lead times can be defined.
Buffer times
If dwell times or transport times of the components between the work steps have to be taken into account, these can be taken into account by means of buffer times.

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