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Octoflex ERP

CAD Interface

Octoflex ERP has an XML interface to CAD software.
Via this interface an extensive exchange can take place:
  • Time-controlled export of master article data from the Octoflex for use in CAD software
  • Automatic import of assemblies and components from the CAD software

The use of the interface saves considerable time and reduces the potential for errors in manual transmission and article creation.

With the comparison of master articles of selected merchandise groups, the operator of the CAD software can access the articles and access the article data during use.

With the automatic import of assemblies and components, new master items are created in Octoflex ERP. The parts lists created in the CAD software are created in the same structure as our so-called CombiList. This applies to single-level articles as well as to multi-level assemblies. Existing drawings can also be taken over in the different formats and are then stored in the document file of the article.

Production drawings can be marked directly as accompanying document for the production documents on request.

For security reasons, articles imported via the interface are marked as unprocessed after import and blocked for production.

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