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Octoflex ERP App

With this APP for Android® and iOS® the user gets external access to the contact data of the business partners. The user can view the stored contact data, the annual sales of the last 2 years and the current year and the open orders with the respective production status of the items. It is also possible to view the existing CRM entries and create new ones.

Octoflex BDE App

In this APP for Android® and iOS® the user can record working hours and job times. The recording is done individually per employee or for a team of several people. The time stamp is always recorded with GPS time and, if desired, the GPS coordinates are also documented. Without an active connection to the Internet, working time stamps are temporarily stored and synchronised when a connection is established.

Octoflex BDE/MDE Terminal Client

The Octoflex Terminal Client can be used either in BDE or MDE mode and is specially developed for Octoflex terminals. The Terminal Client and the terminals support our simple operating concept, which makes barcode scanning unnecessary.

Functions in the operating mode BDE

  • Time recording of the registered employee: coming, going, breaks, off-site work
  • View of the stamp card with the recorded times
  • View of own employee datas
  • Time recording of work processes: Beginning, end, number of pieces produced, information

Functions in the MDE operating mode

  • Management of up to 4 machines per MDE
  • Multiple registration of an employee on different machines
  • Display of the worklist per machine and selection for production
  • Time recording of work processes: Beginning, end, number of pieces produced, information

Octoflex mobile data Client

The Octoflex mobile data client is developed for W-Lan barcode scanners with mobile Windows operating systems.

After user login the following functions are available:

  • Working time recording: coming, going breaks
  • Time recording of work processes: Start, end, produced quantity
  • Execution of completion messages for order items from production orders
  • stock bookings: For operations, transfers, debits and credits including support for batch and
  • serial numbers
  • Storage information on articles and storage locations

The client requires an active W-Lan connection.

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