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Employees & time recording

Octoflex ERP has optional integrated personnel management and time recording. In addition to the personnel master data, shift models and absences, such as holiday, illness, vocational school, etc. can be maintained per data record via a calendar.

As an overview, the user also receives the current presence status of the staff and an overview calendar of planned absences for all employees and departments.

The target working hours and the recorded actual working hours can be viewed for each employee and prepared for transfer to wage programs.

An export of working and absence times to common wage programs is part of the module personnel and time recording.

Employees & time recording

Module blocks

  • Employees

    The necessary datas of the personnel as well as the hour model and the number of holiday days can be maintained in the mask of the employees. In addition to this, the unique identification of the time recording transponders is entered at this point, thus identifying the employee at the time recording terminals. The mask also includes a calendar in which the employee’s absences are documented. Depending on the entry, the working hours are taken into account for time recording or payroll accounting.

  • Calendar

    As an overview for planned employees absences, the user has a common calendar for all employees. For a better overview, filtering by department is possible.

  • Presence

    A display of the current presence status of the employees. This list can also be restricted for a better overview of departments.

  • Stamp card

    For the preparation for payroll accounting, the user is shown staff stamp cards for checking and processing. Here the target hours of the stored time model are listed and the stamped actual hours of the employee. Depending on the configuration and individual handling, break times are automatically offset against the recorded working time at the legally prescribed level.

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