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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The CRM module helps you acquire new customers and support your existing customers and suppliers.

All communication with your business partners and interested parties can be documented within the CRM module. If required, the entries can be provided with an appointment, as a reminder.

With the consequent use of this tool you have the chance to develop your prospects into customers and to increase the satisfaction of your existing business partners.


Module blocks

  • The entire business partner dataset is stored in one database in Octoflex. By assigning the roles customer and/or supplier, the business partner can be used as required.

    A data record without one of the two roles is only displayed as a prospect in the business partner overview in the Business Partner module block in the CRM module.

    The operation and structure of the business partner module block in the CRM module is identical to the module block customers in the sales module or suppliers in purchasing module.

  • In this overview, all contact persons are displayed who are entered in the master data records of the business partners and interested parties.

    Filtering can be done via the business partner name.

    Furthermore, the user can further narrow down the list of contact persons in the search fields of the database columns by using the search function. By selecting a contact person the input mask for the business partner opens.

  • In the contact history overview, the recorded communication events with business partners and interested parties are listed. The following filters are available to narrow down and filter the entries:

    • Status: planned, executed and not executed
    • Type: note, conversation, telephone call, meeting and task
    • User: owner of the contact entry
    • Business Partner
    • Contact person
    • Project: Project affiliation

    The user can also narrow down the list further in the search fields of the database columns. A search can be made in the following fields:

    • Business partner name
    • Customer number
    • Supplier number
    • Contact person
    • Subject
    • Place
    • Type of entry
    • Status
    • User: owner of the contact entry
    • Date and time Information

    In the mask for editing an entry, the following additional functions are available to the user in addition to the usual options:

    • Synchronisation of the entered date with an external calendar, e.g. MS-Outlook, MS-Exchange, Tobit David
    • Documents, files can be stored for each contact data record and, if required, organised with a folder structure.
    • Mail: At the touch of a button, an e-mail can be sent with an internal Octoflex link to the selected contact record.
    • Description of the dataset entry

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