Capacity View

Octoflex ERP

Capacity View

The external display of the capacity overview provides users with a module that shows at a glance the capacity utilisation of production and the selected operations for the current week and the coming weeks.

The following values are displayed in total per week:

  • Sum of the times worked and unfinished times of operations
  • Total available capacities
  • Sum of times worked and recorded on the operation

The view also contains general values about

  • the rate of pre-calculated operations
  • an average time per part
  • the percentage deviation between the pre-calculated time and the time actually required
  • the effectiveness of the employees in the work process, between the working time and the
  • actual recorded order times

The capacity overview is continuously updated at intervals and is available as a web page to be called up in the browser or, for example, on digital signage monitors.

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