Basic module incl. sales

Octoflex ERP

Basic module incl. sales

The Octoflex ERP is based on the basic module. This includes sales, user administration, client configuration and the report designer.

The Octoflex ERP is based on the basic module. This includes sales, user administration, client configuration and the report designer.

The basic module is divided into the administrative part and the user area.

The administrative area applies to the entire Octoflex and expands automatically depending on the expansion of the Octoflex modules used. This means that the user administration allows the areas and modules in the Octoflex to be set in access and possibilities via granular user rights.

Furthermore, the configuration of the global client settings takes place here.

The public area, for the users, includes sales. Here the user has access to the following modules:

  • Customers: Overview and administration of customer datas
  • Articles: Overview and administration of the article datas of the sales articles
  • Sales documents: overviews and access to quotations, orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes and documents for invoice reduction


Module blocks

  • Octoflex Grundmodul Kunden

    The user gets an overview of the address master data available in the system. The displayed list can be adjusted using extensive filter options. The view can be limited by customer groups, address characteristics and representatives. The database columns have search fields in which the user can search and limit the address data specifically.

    When managing the address master data, all usual business-relevant information can be maintained:

    • Communication data with TAPI and CTI support
    • Any number of contacts with function and communication data
    • Language indicator for document control
    • Bank details and tax numbers

    The following is recorded under the index card tab for customer-specific information:

    • Customer group
    • Customer number
    • Supplier number at the customer
    • Individual delivery, shipping and payment conditions
    • Customer-specific article prices and article descriptions
    • A block of the entire data record or a separate order and/or delivery block

    In addition, there are a number of other functions in Octoflex ERP that make it easier and more convenient for users to handle address master data:

    • Role of the address: An address record can be defined as a prospect, customer and/or supplier. The multiple maintenance of address data for different module modules is no longer necessary.
    • Documents: Files can be stored for each address data record and, if required, organised with a folder structure.
    • Address characteristics: The addition of further fields, e.g. for further differentiation or filtering.
    • Addresses: The creation of any number of addresses for each address master, with the option of automatic assignment and use to document types.
    • Mail: At the push of a button an e-mail can be sent with an internal Octoflex link to the selected data record of the address in the database.
  • Just as with addresses, the user gets an overview of the article master data available in the system. The list displayed can also be adjusted here using extensive filter options. The view can be narrowed down using article types, merchandise groups and customer allocation. Using search fields in the database columns, the user can specifically search and narrow down the article data fields. Since Octoflex ERP has been optimised for production companies, the usual article information has been extended by further useful fields:

    • Material
    • Dimensions
    • Drawing number
    • Customer item number
    • Possibility of clear allocation to a customer data record

    The following additional setting options are available to the user for the articles across all modules for work preparation, production and purchasing

    • Labelling as a production article
    • Labelling as a planning article, for cross-order procurement from production and purchasing
    • Maintenance of the CombiList, creation of a combination of parts list and work plan
    • Article units can be set differently according to module and requirements, up to 7 different
    • units can be recorded per article. These are linked to each other via conversion factors.
    • Document storage, files can be stored for each master article data record and, if required,
    • organised with a folder structure. Files in pdf format can be marked as relevant for production
    • and are thus automatically output with the production documents.

    In a separate area for sales you can take care about the

    • Unit price
    • Sales Price and quantity unit
    • Graduated prices and discount groups
  • In the document overview, the user can filter the documents by document type, status, business partner, business area and substitute. In addition to this, the documents can be further restricted according to project affiliation. The following document types are available:

    • Offer
    • order with the possibility of creating proforma invoices
    • delivery note, with the possibility of partial delivery notes
    • invoice, with the possibility of collective invoices and partial and final invoices
    • Credit note
    • Document for invoice reduction

    In addition to the usual possibilities, Octoflex offers further functions in document capture:

    • In addition to the document overview, a document preview with the items contained in the document can be displayed if required
    • Delivery text, an individual text that overwrites the delivery date, if it exists. This allows the clerk to communicate flexibly.
    • Free positions, especially in the case of offers or orders with one-off production items, the creation of articles in the article master can be dispensed with. Free positions offer the same convenience as database articles and can also be found in the business partner history.
    • Keyboard operation, document entry can be carried out via keyboard input if desired.
    • With the production module and the CombiList, production is integrated into the sales documents
    • Employees remote from production can view the current production status of orders via CombiList, queries in production are no longer necessary
    • If graduated prices are used in the offer, they are displayed without affecting the total amount.
    • News: At the push of a button an e-mail with an internal Octoflex link to the selected document can be sent.

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