Octoflex Customer Portal

With the Octoflex Customer Portal we provide you with a solution that enables your customers to calculate and order laser parts online around the clock.

In interaction with Octoflex ERP your customer orders are directly loaded from the customer portal into your production and automatically transferred to your CAM solutions.

This means that your entire manual design and order processing is no longer necessary for components ordered via the customer portal.

Octoflex Customer Portal

Use of the Octoflex Customer Portal

In order for your customers to be able to use your customer portal, a prior registration is necessary. For this reason, you have the possibility of activating your customers for use in the Customer Portal via the master data record stored in the ERP system.

As the operator of the customer portal, you can also determine which costing values and markups the respective portal customer uses to calculate his components.

Your portal customers can independently manage user accounts and an authorisation structure.

After login, with extensive user rights, the user is shown the following selection:

  • Laser parts: Calculation of laser parts and overview of already calculated laser parts
  • orders: Overview of orders
  • Import: Mass import of laser parts as CAD file with detailed information via Excel or csv file
  • Company: Master data of your own company
  • Employees: Management of the employees who are activated to use the online portal
  • Groups: User groups and their rights for the online portal
  • Shopping cart: List of components that can be included in a binding order

Laser parts

With this menu item the user can access the management of the company’s laser parts. By creating a new laser part, the important properties of the part can be recorded. A calculation is possible in two ways:

  1. About importing a cleaned cutting contour as a CAD file
  2. Via the parts configurator of the Octoflex Costumer Portal with access to common contours. By entering parameters, the CAD drawing is automatically generated and assigned to the laser part.

After the component has been entered, it can be viewed, changed, copied, deleted or added to the shopping basket at any time.

Captured and calculated components are available to the user in the online portal until these components are active and deleted. Using this function, the customer can use the portal for his own quotation and order the parts at any time and at a later date. This eliminates the need to re-enter and cost the parts again.


The portal customer can view a complete history of the executed orders via this menu item. The orders are grouped as follows:

  • Items not yet released: Order proposals from portal users without sufficient rights to place a
  • binding order
  • Released: Binding ordered items that are in a transfer buffer between the customer portal and
  • your production.
  • In process: positions of these orders are in the current production process
  • Closed: These orders are completed and finalised
  • Canceled: cancelled orders
  • All orders

The list view shows the main characteristics of the documents: Order number, desired delivery date, current status, commission, buyer and the order amount.

Importing components

The import interface of the Octoflex customer portal is especially designed for the mass registration of laser parts.

The user can upload Excel or csv files with the desired article master data and with a reference to the CAD drawing via the interface of the online portal. The imported articles are calculated in real time by the Octoflex customer portal on the basis of the supplied drawings and transferred to the user’s own component library at the push of a button. Data records with e.g. faulty drawings or missing material are displayed to the user for manual post-processing.

Company, employees and groups

These menu items are used to configure the portal customer, their employees and the authorisation groups. Access is only intended for portal users who are equipped with extensive user rights.


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